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Assure Funding Wants to Help Grow Your Small Business into a Great Business

Starting a business is not easy, and the ability to secure extra capital when you need it is essential. Assure Funding strives to help small businesses attain access to extra funding even when the traditional lenders turn you down.

Assure Funding understands that in order to help a business grow, you need more employees, equipment, inventory, active marketing and more, and we are here to help you get the cash to help you get all of these things, in addition to unexpected expenses.

Securing extra capital through one of Assure Funding’s lenders also helps you to build your personal and business credit, which can also be helpful in growing your business when it is time to shop for a new location or invite others to partner with you or sponsor your business. Improved credit also allows you access to more resources to expand your business.

Assure Funding wants to help you grow your business and provide you with the means to do so. Our team of professionals and network of lenders are all here to help you and your business succeed. We invite you to call us today at 212-548-4485 and let us get you on the road to growing your business and your financial security.